Thanks for accidentally clicking on five other far more entertaining blogs, only to find yourself here with me.  I’m Nicole. I’m a mom. I use this space to vent about parenthood, make fun of myself (and others), and ponder life…the usual.

I like to ask “Y” we do the things we do. Like, why did the chicken cross the road? Why the fuck did that chick just look at me like that? You know…the important stuff. I think there is lots of wisdom in asking “Y”. And, like most everyone, I have a split personality. My posts will often include swearing and range from sarcastic and politically incorrect to insightful and sweet. I will contradict myself. If I offend you, feel free to move on. Otherwise, take refuge in knowing you aren’t the only schizophrenic parent out there losing their mind – trying to strike a balance between pulling out the “siren” (the bitch Mom) and summing up the sage (The Buddha Mom).

This blog is dedicated to all the parents out there who fuck up, and do it well. It’s about living on the edge of parental insanity and blurring the lines of what it means to be a “model parent” – it’s about laughing off perfection and embracing the crazy shit storm we call “parenting”. Enjoy.


The title of this blog is not arbitrary. I chose it because in the end, I think there is wisdom not just in asking “Y”, but wisdomofTHEY as well. “They”, as in your peers. We can learn a lot from each other if we are open enough. Please interact on this blog respectfully, regardless of your position. It’s all in good fun.